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Process Systems, Components, and Fabrication Services


Lake offers process systems that range from basic batch blending to sophisticated multi-function continuous applications. Each system is designed to required project specifications, skid mounted, pre-piped, and pre-tested to lower installation, relocation, and start-up costs.

R&D Equipment

Fabrication of miniature process equipment for R&D facilities demands attention to detail and the flexibility to provide custom options. Our high quality standards and manufacturing experience can help you get the most from your pilot plant.

Process Skid Design

Our CAD/Design department specializes in integrating standard process skids with your project requirements. Pasteurizing, blending, and ingredient processing skids offered by Lake Process use a modular design to reduce installation and maintenance costs. Although each component is designated to perform a specific process task, they are all designed to be modified to meet your project specifications. Custom process choices usually include: required automation / controls, thermal transfer, agitation, and capacity. Our modular design process skids offer many custom options to ensure an efficient and cost effective result.


Holding tubes, divert panels, double and triple tubular heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, balance / holding / processing tanks, screw conveyors, powder horns / hoods, and other processing equipment are manufactured at our facility in Barrington, Illinois. In-house fabrication of these components insures the flexibility needed to deliver custom process systems with strict quality control.


In addition to manufacturing our standard process components and system skids, our facility fabricates valve manifolds, spray-balls, pump bases and carts, portable micro-motion units, equipment carts, walkways, platforms, and other related items. Our fabrication shop also offers detailed custom fabrications. Modern equipment, employee experience, and attention to detail make Lake Process the choice for custom fabrications.