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CIP Systems and COP Tanks

C.I.P. system design and skid fabrication complete the full service capabilities of Lake Process Systems. The same high quality standards and attention to detail seen in our process skids and tanks are mirrored in our C.I.P. systems. Our design capabilities, variety of control options and experience with custom fabrication of dual-use, re-use, rinse recovery, portable, and motive systems makes Lake Process a good choice for your next C.I.P. project.
Single-Use Skid and Portable Systems
Single-Use “pot and pump” systems have come a long way in recent years. With improvements in small process controllers, miniature electronics, and variable frequency drives, small skid and portable systems can now cover a wide range of C.I.P. applications with complete documentation.
Dual-Use Systems
The efficient design of the dual-use system utilizes two supply and two return headers per tank to run two C.I.P. circuits at the same time. This system gives you the flexibility of having two C.I.P. systems at much lower costs.
Wash Re-use / Rinse Recovery Systems
These systems use larger tanks to hold and re-use as much wash and rinse water as possible. When properly designed and programmed, these systems can substantially reduce chemical, water, and waste costs. Wash re-use / rinse recovery systems can also be designed to be dual-use systems.
Motive Return Systems
Motive return systems use the vacuum created by an in-line eductor to return C.I.P. solution from tanks and process lines. This “eductor-return” eliminates the need for return pumps on tank circuits and helps to completely evacuate line circuits. The design of this system is very cost efficient for a plant with a large number of tank circuits.
Without a quality installation even the best designed systems will not perform up to expectations. Lake Process has been installing process and C.I.P. systems for over twenty years. Experienced installation crews and start-up technicians are available throughout the country.
C.O.P. Tanks
Lake Process offers a variety of C.O.P. tanks and parts washers to accommodate the cleaning and sanitizing of almost any component. Tanks can be fitted to accommodate steam and electric heat sources. Custom parts baskets, tubing brushes, and other accessories are available.