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Tanks and Processors

Tank fabrication is the primary production operation at Lake Process. Heavy gauge construction, long radius corners, modular design with custom sizes and features are our trademark. All tanks meet or exceed 3A or USDA standards. Our design capabilities, experience, and attention to detail set us apart from the large tank manufacturers.

Balance Tanks

In 1987 the F.D.A. notified Lake Process that their submitted balance tank design met all of the new regulatory criteria and was considered most preferred. In 1989 the modern “raised bridge” balance tank designed by Lake Process Systems was honored by Food Processing Magazine as a major contribution to the food processing industry. Our sanitary design and production methods are considered exceptional throughout the industry.

Holding Tanks

Holding tanks are available in sizes up to 2,500 gallons with a variety of construction options. Heads are available in dish, cone, flat, and flat pitched with your choice of manway and inlet / outlet configuration. Sprayball devices, sidewall ports, insulation, agitation and heating / cooling jackets are standard options.


The same innovative design and quality workmanship shown in the development of the balance tank is exhibited in our line of processors. Our modular design offers a large number of standard options at reduced cost. Start by choosing the size and shape of your processor, then select agitator for mixing (bottom sweep, side sweep / scrape, counter rotating sweep / scrape, or lightnin’) and heat exchange type (single zone channel wall, multi zone channel wall, or dimple). Pressure and vacuum vessels are also available for enhanced heat transfer and “thin film” processing. Recording and control sensors / transmitters can be included to heat, pasteurize, cook, blend, cool, set, and refrigerate to your exact specifications.

Beverage Concentrate Modules

Lake produces a beverage concentrate module designed for the rapid dispersion of liquid concentrates and powder ingredients commonly used in the beverage industry. Agitation is provided from the bottom sweep agitator, high shear baffle, and a skid mounted sanitary centrifugal pump used to recirculate product through a side wall port. This pump also supplies finished concentrate to your batch tanks or in-line blending process. A specially designed rack mounted just below the lid holds jugs and pails in an inverted position and has low pressure spray nozzles to rinse each container in place.