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Process Design and Installation

Lake offers complete process design services for new construction, process expansion, and integration of new process components and technology. Our CAD/Design department has the experience needed to design a process system with the sophistication to meet your current production needs, the flexibility to meet your future production needs, and the simplicity to meet your budget and schedule.

Process System Design

With over forty years of experience in process design, Lake’s CAD/Design department offers a wide variety of stand alone services. CAD&D offers plant piping and instrumentation drawings, and complete bid packages including process isometrics, dimensional plant layouts, and detailed material specification listings.

CAD&D can update your current plant drawings or document your existing processes with multi-color flow diagrams. In addition to these stand-alone services, CAD&D also documents all Lake Process installations, fabrications, and assemblies. Documentation is provided in both hard-copy and disk form.


Our process design and fabrication capabilities are supported by our installation crews. Lake Process field crews service the continental United States. Each crew has a full complement of modern machining, cutting, welding and polishing equipment. Orbital welding, laser piping layout systems, and borescope inspection equipment are also available. Crews also carry a complete supply of sanitary fittings, tubing, and various piping accessories to accommodate change and extra work orders. Over the past forty years, our field crews have developed a reputation for high quality installations, the ability to understand and implement change orders, and a strong work ethic.

Our crew’s industry experience, professionalism, and documentation ensure proper installations every time.